Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Today, taking the little one to preschool, the temperature was a whopping 9 degrees Fahrenheit. Having to take along a bookbag, boot bag with snow pants, and a heavy coat is quite a load for a little one. However, she's always excited to go to school, so that's good. 

The other little one has a bit of cabin fever, as he's sometimes naughty from being contained inside so much. 

He was excited to visit daddy at work last night while his sister was at dance.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Differing perspectives

Today the kids are discussing differing perspectives, and they have a "unique" blog assignment. The following are their topics:
  1. if you were getting ready to go out Saturday night (their own perspective)
  2. if you were a superhero, how would you spend your day (superhero perspective)
  3. if you were of the opposite gender, how would you get ready for a night out (opposite gender perspective--duh)
  4. if you were one of the members of the Griffin family, how would you spend the day (fictional, yet based on reality)
  5. if you lived in the 1950's, what would you do on an evening out (their distorted reality of what life was like in the past)
  6. if you were a character on Sesame Street, how do you spend your evening (life after hours for fictional characters)
(I forgot to add that they need to elaborate on the topics with at least 100 words for each, which is "ridiculous" until I asked if they would rather have 125 words.)

Saturday Night
  • I really don't remember the last time we went out on a Saturday night. Especially now that speech is in full swing, I'm happy to just be able to come home and crash on Saturday night. We have gone to a few ball games. Last weekend my parents visited, so they played with LO, and I actually fixed dinner. Amazing, I know.
    But if I were to go out, I suppose I would shower, get dressed, make an effort with makeup & hair, and go out to eat. If we wanted to get fancy, we might do dinner and a show. Pretty sure we need to do this again soon. Hopefully sometime before prom.
  • I'm already pretty amazing as a regular person, so I'm pretty sure my superhero-ness wouldn't change much. In fact, I'd probably be something like Clark Kent and work a regular job. Now, if I had my choice, I would be like Bruce Wayne and have lots of money so I spent my day as a philanthropist--seriously, how awesome would that be to just spend your days giving away money to people. I would love to have that kind of money. Maybe that would be my super power--just giving away boat loads of money to those who truly needed it.
Opposite Gender
  • Well, if I take this from my husband's perspective, I would need an extra hour to get ready. This is the reason why: I would have only about 20 minutes to actually get ready, but the extra time would be to tell my wife that I was getting ready when in all actuality I am downstairs in the man zone playing video games. The game is not important, as long as you can play online and say "at the end of this game I'll get in the shower". In all reality, men usually can get ready quicker than women because they don't have all the extra accoutrements.
Griffin Family
  • I would, by gender stereotyping, be Lois because she's the mom. I'm pretty sure I would not do some of the things that she does, as they create craziness for the sake of her character. However, the fact that she cares about her family (for the most part) is probably important. Why she would have married a dumb guy is beyond me. Obviously if I were her, I'd spend my day out of the house so I could be away from the baby that wants to kill me and the obnoxious children; Chris with the psycho monkey in his closet and Meg with all of her odd tendencies. I'd also spend the day away to make money since Peter obviously spends tons on his antics.
  • I'd be like a classic poodle skirt girl from the 50's. I'm pretty sure since they didn't have all of the extra hair product and stuff, I'd probably spend my getting ready time inventing things to make my life easier. I think I'd have to learn to iron, since everything back then was nicely pressed. I probably wouldn't have gotten along so well then. However, some of the music was starting to be okay. In fact, many of our influences today got their start back then. They did have pretty good beginnings of socialization then, so going out with friends would be okay.
Sesame Street
  • Abby Cadabby would be a great character to be. However, I think she uses her powers at night for different things. I'm not saying she is a "lady of the night" but she practices all of the good tricks, not just the lame-o ones she shows on the program. I'm pretty sure since Sesame Street is pretty small and jam packed with people I would rarely be able to go somewhere without bumping into others from "the street." One definite advantage to being a muppet is you never have to prep yourself, as your predefined stuffed image is already molded. How easy!
So concludes our blog day full of differing perspectives. Can hardly wait to read what the kiddos have written.

Monday, February 21, 2011

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Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 8--Celebrate

Even though the weather is crummy outside, and we added another 5 or so inches of snow--hard to tell with drifting--today we're blogging about celebrating.

Everybody has something good going on in their lives; something that will get them to 95 (one of our 8 to great terms).

My personal celebration is that LO likes peas, & tonight we're moving on to carrots. Such a life change over a year ago at this time. Although peas & carrots are better than morning sickness any day.

My professional celebration is that the speech team placed first this past weekend & many of the kids did really well individually.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 5--what I would do with a snow day

For those of us not getting snow right now, we wish we were so we could get a snow day. Wishful thinking. Anyway, today's blog topic is to include a picture of yourself from today (taken today in Photo Booth), then respond in your blog what you would do with a snow day.

My answer:

LO & I would stay at home. Maybe when she takes a nap I would take one with her. Mid day and mid week naps are great.

We'd also try some vegetables, as she has taken pretty well to cereal. That's rice cereal, not Frosted Flakes, for those who don't know anything about baby foods.

I'd also actually cook dinner rather than do the rush thing of something quick with hamburger.

Maybe next week...